Are you Pregnant?
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Workout Safely While Pregnant With Pilates

Work the right muscles needed during pregnancy all in the comfort of your own home.

How ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy Works

ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy is a full body Pilates program especially made for pregnant women! 

ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy knows your body looks different, feels different and works different while growing a human. 

And thus we must workout to cater for these needs.

Prepare to flow through each trimester of your pregnancy as we focus on all the major concerns we have while pregnant such as a growing bump, aching lower back (aching everywhere for that matter), increased pressure on postural muscles and weakening pelvic floor - each Pilates session will leave you re-connecting with muscles that will help when it comes to birth and the recovery from birth and most importantly ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy is completely safe for you and baby!

I know it can be quite daunting to workout while pregnant, there is so many do's and don'ts it's hard to know where to start or if to start at all?!? We want what's best and safe for our babies and our bodies and ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy takes the guess work out for you. 

Follow along through each Pilates session as your pregnancy progresses ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy is broken up into the stages of pregnancy - Trimesters 1, 2 & 3. In each Trimester you will have access to x3 Pilates sessions (ranging in duration 30mins-1hour)  focusing in on what we need at that particular stage of pregnancy, you have life time access to this program so you will have the freedom do the sessions as many times as you wish during your pregnancy and even if you fall pregnant again 5months or 5 years later your log in details to the Members Area will still work!

ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy was created after seeing a lack of education and correct training techniques with pregnant women. I wanted a safe and effective program for expecting Mums. I did Pilates twice a week with my first born right up until the week he was born - my recovery from a planned C-Section (due to a bowel disease) was amazing and I have Pilates to thank!

Now with baby #2 on the way what better time to release ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy so you can follow along with exactly what I do!

Growing a baby is tough and giving birth is hard - the more connected and in control of your body you can be the better!
ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy was created for women to:
Safely stay fit & healthy during pregnancy
With so much conflicting advice out there about what pregnant women should/shouldn't be doing it can get very overwhelming - ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy takes the worry out to allow you to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy with high effective, safe and low impact movements targeting specific pregnancy needs.
Strengthen posture muscles to support growing bump
Your bump isn't going to get any smaller and the toll this has on our posture is evident specially as you get towards the end of trimester 2, the stronger and more aware we can be of our posture not only will it help with aches and pains during the pregnancy  but also transition perfectly for when bubs is here and you're holding the baby for long amounts os time.
Find your deepest level of core and pelvic floor activation
Since when did sneezing become scary?!

Your body is being stretched to it limits - it's very important we help keep it working together by learning how to activate deep core and pelvic floor muscles to let you sneeze with confidence!
Keep as much strength as possible to support birth and recovery
Strength is every important when it comes to pregnancy, the more muscle strength and endurance our bodies have the more support our bodies will have not only during pregnancy but also post birth as well. It is the perfect 'pre-game' program to do before baby arrives!
Ease aches and pains
As ligaments, bones and even organs start to shift to accomodate for the baby you may notice your body begins to ache and you may experience weird pains in places you have never had pain before. Unfortunately this is very common during pregnancy BUT doesn't mean we can help elevate some of these aches and pains with safe stretches to get you through this pregnancy.
Feel insanely strong, confident and amazing!
Pilates does amazing things for the body, both physically and mentally.

Yes, you will gain strength, tone and endurance but this is only one part of Pilates.

ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy challenges you focus throughout the entire session - that focus on the body rather then the other million things running through a mums-be-to brain at any give minute creates space. The mental clarity achieved after Pilates is just incredible, you can see how so many people become addicted!

Frequently Asked Questions

When should/shouldn't I start ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy?
You can start ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy the day you find you're pregnant and flow through right until bubs is here - if you are further along in your pregnancy that's fine too - I WOULDN'T recommend STARTING ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy in Trimester 3 unless instructed/given the all clear by your Dr - it's best to START in trimester 1 or 2.
Do I have life time access to ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy?
YES! You have life time access to ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy using your own personal login so you can do the program as many times as you wish!
I'm half way in my pregnancy is ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy safe for me?
ABSOLUTELY YES! ThePilatesBOD is broken up into trimesters - in the Members Area just select what trimester you currently are in and continue on from there.
Who is ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy NOT for?
ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy is NOT designed for women who have been instructed by their Dr/Ob to rest during their pregnancy or if suffering medical complications during pregnancy please get clearance from your Dr/Ob first. It's also best to START ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy during Trimester 1 or 2, if you plan on starting ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy and you're in Trimester 3 it's important to get clearance from your Dr.
Can I start this program as soon as I've found out I'm pregnant?
ABSOLUTELY YES! Wether you are 3 weeks or 30 weeks pregnant ThePilatesBOD is broken up into trimesters - in the Members Area just select what trimester you currently are.
Do I need equipment for ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy?
No, ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy has been designed to be all bodyweight for convenience.
Is ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy safe to do while pregnant?
ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy is specifically deigned for pregnant women and is one of the safest workout programs available but if you have any concerns it's always best to run any new fitness regime by your Dr/Ob.
How many weeks ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy?
ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy is broken up into trimesters 1,2 & 3. In each Trimester you will receive x3 Pilates sessions - you can complete these sessions as many times as you wish during that trimester so you can work through ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy for you entire Pregnancy. With lifetime access to the Membership Area you are able to work through ThePilateBOD Pregnancy program at your own pace and can even repeat the program as many times as you wish!
I'm pregnant with twin is this program okay?
ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy doesn't discriminate wether you are baking 1 baby or 2 you are able to complete this program!
I've never done Pilates before is this program okay?
YES! This program is perfect as it'll teach you how to active all your muscles correctly, it is a great start point for beginners and pregnant women.
I already go to the gym is ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy okay to do as well?
YES! ThePilatesBOD Postpartum will compliment your currently fitness schedule as you learn how to use your body correctly and build up weaker muscle groups to prep your growing body, because of Pilates low impact nature it won't effect your current training at all, if anything it will improve it.
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