Finally learn how to train your core the right way...

Transform Your Body With Pilates

Take core training to a deeper level all in the comfort of your own home.

How ThePilatesBOD System Works

ThePilatesBOD System is a 9 week full body Pilates program for women. The program gradually becomes harder as your fitness, core strength, flexibility and endurance improves.

Prepare to transform your body, work muscles you never knew you had and feel a (seriously) deep burn in your abs, ass, arms & inner thighs.

ThePilatesBOD System is the perfect addition to compliment your current training wether it be walking, running, lifting weights, casual gym sessions,  HIIT training, CrossFit or Yoga - ThePilatesBOD System is designed for you to find your deepest possible core activation and strength.
ThePilatesBOD System was created for women who want to:
Lift, firm sculpt booty from every angle
Did you know your booty is made up of not 1 but 3 muscles! Yup 3! Doing the same conventional movement patterns won't target these but DW ThePilatesBOD System ensures you hit all 3 areas to give you that peachy behind.
Improve posture by strengthening your posterior chain
Feeling hunched over?
Wether it be from sitting at a desk all day or carrying around a child ThePilatesBOD System will stretch tight muscles that cause your bad posture and strengthen weak muscles to make sure you stay standing confident and tall!
Find your deepest level of core and pelvic floor activation
Okay I've heard it time and time again
'I have a weak core' 
'I have back pain'

Usually this is because we are never shown how to activate the muscles correctly and in usual fast pace fitness classes we tend to loose focus on what is happening internally - ThePilatesBOD System teaches you from the get go on how to activate correctly to find your deepest level of core and pelvic floor activation.
Increase full body flexibility
We lengthen & strengthen our way through 9 weeks, so don't worry if you're not flexible ThePilatesBOD System incorporates yoga inspired movements - expect to see a drastic improvement in how free your body will feel after 9 weeks!
Say goodbye to back pain
Did you know your back pain may be due to having weak abs?!?

ThePilatesBOD System takes you through movements that will strengthen your core thus giving your back the support and help it needs to alleviate that sore aching back.
Feel insanely strong, confident and amazing!
Pilates does amazing things for the body both physically and mentally.

Yes, you will sculpt beautiful long lean, strong muscles but this is only one part of Pilates.

ThePilatesBOD System challenges you to focus throughout the entire session - that focus on the body rather than the other million things running through a women's brain at any give minute creates space. The mental clarity achieved after Pilates is just incredible, you can see how so many women become addicted!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have life time access to ThePilatesBOD System?
YES! You have life time access to ThePilatesBOD System using your own personal login.
Are these live session? Or can I work at my own pace?
From past experience I believe its bet to let you work at you own pace, no sessions are live they are pre-recorded meaning you can do them at your own pace - and watch the session as many times as you wish (something a live session doesn't allow)
How many sessions a week do I have to commit to?
ThePilatesBOD System releases x2 new Pilates sessions each week for 9 week - each session gradually becomes harder as you gain endurance and strength - if you wish to do additional Pilates there is LOTS of free bonus sessions under the BONUSES tab in the Members Area
Who is ThePilatesBOD System NOT for?
ThePilatesBOD system is NOT designed for pregnant women or women in the postpartum period - if this is you ThePilatesBOD as these specific programs -ThePilatesBOD PRENATAL & ThePilatesBOD POSTNATAL - please head back to the home page and find the appropriate program.
Do I need equipment for ThePilatesBOD System?
No, ThePilatesBOD System has been designed to be all bodyweight for convenience BUT if you wish to make any of the sessions harder you can add small hand weights, bootybands or a magic circle - if you'd like a program WITH equipment try ThePilatesBOD Strong.
Is ThePilatesBOD System Diastasis Recti (Ab Separation) safe?
Women who have Diastasis Recti (ab separation) should first do ThePilatesBOD Postnatal program and get the all clear from their Dr.

ThePilates BOD System is a challenging fusion of exercises, including planks and Pilates-inspired abdominal work. Some of these movements are not appropriate for women in the earlier stages of core rehab. IF you can generate good tension in your abdominal wall and linea alba (middle of your six-pack muscle) and don’t see any doming during planks and curl ups, then you’re ready for ThePilatesBOD System!
How many weeks ThePilatesBOD System?
ThePilatesBOD System is 9 weeks in length, in the membership portal a new section will open each week with all your weekly Pilates workout.
I've never done Pilates before is this program okay?
YES! As long as you're not pregnant or in the postpartum period (there are specific programs for these women) ThePilatesBOD System is completely fine!
I already go to the gym is ThePilatesBOD System okay to do as well?
YES! ThePilatesBOD System will compliment your currently fitness schedule as you learn how to use your body correctly and build up weaker muscle groups, because of Pilates low impact nature it won't effect your current training at all.
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