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Take Back Your Body With Pilates

Rebuild your core the right way all in the comfort of your own home.

How ThePilatesBOD Postpartum Works

ThePilatesBOD Postpartum is a full body re-building Pilates program especially made for Mums! 

ThePilatesBOD Postpartum knows your body looks different, feels different and works different. 

Prepare to flow through 5 weeks of re-connecting with your body, focusing on all the major concerns we have after giving birth such as ab separation, aching lower back, poor postural muscles and weak pelvic floor - each Pilates session will leave you re-discovering muscles you forgot you had!

I also know as Mums we are super time poor - ThePilatesBOD Postpartum program was created to fit in with our busy lives! Each Pilates session is between 20-30minutes in length and covers all of the major concerns mentioned above, each week 3 new postpartum Pilates session will appear in the Members Area and you'll have the freedom to work through these at your own pace.

By the end of these 5 weeks you'll be able to return back to the gym with confidence knowing that your body is strong and in control again!
ThePilatesBOD Postpartum was created for women to:
Improve Ab Separation
Also known at Diastasis Recti - Ab Separation usually occurs once you have given birth and you are left with a gap between your abs - this is a concern because it contributes to a weak unstable core which can cause your back to hurt, bulging of your tummy and pelvic floor muscles not to work properly.

ThePilatesBOD Postpartum program is ab separation safe, focusing on low impact deep core activation movements to help improve your separation and also support surrounding muscles. 
Fix posture from holding a baby
Who would have thought a tiny baby could be so damn heavy?

ThePilatesBOD Postpartum will stretch tight muscles that cause your bad posture and strengthen weak muscles to make sure you stay standing confident and tall!
Find your deepest level of core and pelvic floor activation
Since when did sneezing become scary?!

Your body has just been stretched to it limits - its time to bring it all back together working on those deep core and pelvic floor muscles to let you sneeze, run, jump and cough with confidence!

ThePilatesBOD Postpartum teaches you how to activate correctly to find your deepest level of core and pelvic floor activation.
Regain strength to go back to the gym
So it's time to return back to exercise - ThePilatesBOD Postpartum ensures all your deep internal muscles are strong enough to get you back to the gym with confidence. It is the perfect 'pre-game' program to do before returning back to the gym!
Say goodbye to back pain
Did you know your back pain may be due to having weak abs?!?

ThePilatesBOD Postpartum takes you through movements that will strengthen your core (front, back, and sides of your trunk) thus giving your back the support and help it needs to elevate that sore aching back.
Feel insanely strong, confident and amazing!
Pilates does amazing things for the body, both physically and mentally.

Yes, you will sculpt beautiful long lean, strong muscles but this is only one part of Pilates.

ThePilatesBOD Postpartum challenges you focus throughout the entire session - that focus on the body rather then the other million things running through a new mums brain at any give minute creates space and much needed 'me' time. The mental clarity achieved after Pilates is just incredible, you can see how so many new mums become addicted!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have life time access to ThePilatesBOD Postpartum?
YES! You have life time access to ThePilatesBOD Postpartum using your own personal login so you can do the program as many times as you wish!
My babies are all grown up but I still have a weak pelvic floor and core issues - is ThePilatesBOD Postpartum for me?
ABSOLUTELY YES! Wether you had a baby 6 weeks or 6 years ago ThePilatesBOD will rebuild weakened muscles to help you live a stronger, pain free life!
I had a C-Section - can I still do ThePilatesBOD PostPartum?
YES! If you have clearance from your Dr this program is totally okay!
Who is ThePilatesBOD Postpartum NOT for?
ThePilatesBOD Postpartum is NOT designed for women who consider themselves having good core control, no back pain, body awareness and no ab separation - you will still learn from this program but it may be too beginner for you and you would best suit our other Pilates program - ThePilatesBOD System.
Can I start this program as soon as I've given birth?
ThePilatesBOD Postpartum is designed for the postpartum period and beyond but everyones recovery is different and you must first gain drs clearance to do any form of exercise once you've had your baby - once you have the all clear from them you are good to go!
Do I need equipment for ThePilatesBOD Postpartum?
No, ThePilatesBOD Postpartum has been designed to be all bodyweight for convenience.
Is ThePilatesBOD Postpartum Diastasis Recti (Ab Separation) safe?
ThePilatesBOD Postpartum is specifically deigned for women whom have Diastasis Recti (ab separation) and yes is completely safe and recommended to complete before heading back to your usually pre-baby training routine.
How many weeks ThePilatesBOD Postpartum?
ThePilatesBOD Postpartum is 5 weeks in length, in the membership portal a new section will open each week with all your weekly Pilates workouts, with lifetime access to the Membership Area you are able to work through ThePilateBOD postpartum program at your own pace and can even repeat the program as many times as you wish!
I haven't had a baby but I have a weak core - which Pilates program do I need?
ThePilatesBOD Postpartum will be the program for you! Its' the perfect start point for anyone whom has a weak core that needs to train their deep core muscles - this program will benefit you greatly!
I've never done Pilates before is this program okay?
YES! This program is perfect as it'll teach you how to active all your muscles correctly, it is a great start point for beginners.
I already go to the gym is ThePilatesBOD Postpartum okay to do as well?
YES! ThePilatesBOD Postpartum will compliment your currently fitness schedule as you learn how to use your body correctly and build up weaker muscle groups, because of Pilates low impact nature it won't effect your current training at all, if anything it will improve it.
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