At different stages of life we tend to have different goals and needs - ThePilatesBOD programming focuses on these individual needs...

Below are the Pilates programs offered by ThePilatesBOD - have a read through and select the program that best describes what you're after, then to find out more information or to purchase ThePilatesBOD program click the button under the description.

Each program allows you to work through at your own pace, once purchased you create a login which will give you access to ThePilatesBOD Membership Area - within this Membership Area you'll find your specific program you have purchased along with lots of bonus workouts! 

You'll also have lifetime access to your program so you have the freedom to do the program you've purchased as many times as you wish!

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ThePilatesBOD Programs


Many women are confused about what they can/can't/should/shouldn't do when it comes to training while pregnant - you've already got so many thoughts running through your head, worrying about how to train shouldn't be one of them - ThePilatesBOD Pregnancy takes the guess work out. 

We will work through mobility to help with those aches and pains as your body changes to accomodate your baby, pelvic floor strengthening, safe core control and meditation.


We are SO damn time poor it makes you think "How did I ever think I was busy pre kids?!"
ThePilatesBOD Postpartum is a shorter style of Pilates that focuses on 3 main areas:

1. Safely re-building core strength
2. Improving posture (crazy how heavy a tiny human can feel!)
3. Strengthening pelvic floor muscles (never be nervous to sneeze in public again!)

Wether you've had a baby 6 week or 6 years ago this program is for you...


This is the Pilates Mecca!

A NINE week full body Pilates program that progressively becomes more challenging as your core strength, flexibility and endurance improve.

It's the perfect low impact deep burn you've been looking for - expect to find your deepest level of core activation whilst creating long, lean & strong muscles.


The most challenging of all ThePilatesBOD Programs - ThePilatesBOD Strong - incorporates small apparatus such as magic circle and booty bands to next level your Pilates experience - this one isn't for the faint hearted.

ThePilatesBOD MOVE

Want to mix things up a little bit? Not sure what to do on days where you don't do Pilates? Why not do some body weight at home workouts!

ThePilatesBOD | MOVE - is x20 body weight workouts - there is a variety of full body, lower focus, upper focus and ab focused - all sessions will increase endurance and fitness and will be sure to get the heart pumping!

Each workout coming with a video demo and easy to screenshoot workout card!